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PooTube is out of Stock in Australia. New stock is currently in production however there have been a few delays due to recent events in the world beyond our control.

At this stage we expect the next arrival of new and improved stock to be May/ June 2020.

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Feature Comparison

PooTube offers the most features at a great price compared to the original refills. Feature comparison is shown below:

 About PooTube

  • Cheaper Alternative compared to the original Sangenic & Angelcare refills
  • PooTube liner refill length 12 metres
  • Bio Based Corn Starch Liner – NO PLASTIC!
  • Biodegradable & Home Compostable according to EN 13432:2000
  • Citrus Scented
  • Anti-bacterial Film built in for added smell protection
  • For even more smell protection, we recommend the PooTube Bamboo Charcoal Odour Neutraliser which can be purchased here
  • One carton contains 10 individual refills. Total liner length = 120m
  • One PooTube liner length = One Original Sangenic liner length
  • One PooTube liner length = Two Original Angelcare liner length
  • Pre-formed to fit existing Sangenic plastic cassette
  • Fits Angelcare bin* with the use of our PooTube Adaptor

The PooTube is an innovative biodegradable product that provides a cheaper alternative to purchasing the original Sangenic, Tommee Tippee, Closer to Nature (all with a common cassette) & Angelcare nappy disposal bin Refills.  

This environmentally friendly bin liner product is made from a corn starch bio based material and degrades faster than a traditional plastic bin liner when disposed of. It is cheaper than the non-environmentally friendly Sangenic or Angelcare product.  This will appeal to families as they are not only saving money, they are also helping the environment.

The PooTube, made to fit existing Sangenic Bin Cassettes and when using our PooTube Adaptor, it will fit into the Angelcare bin as well. It is a locally designed and engineered product which is manufactured in China.  The PooTube’s ease of use is reflected by its informative packaging and design.  One PooTube refill has the length of 12 metres.

Consumers are generally forced to pay more to purchase a green alternative.  The PooTube is going against this trend in being cheaper as well as environmentally friendly.

*Note: Product has been tested in 2014 per the bin model pictured below. Other Angelcare bin variants may not be suitable for use with our products and may not perform as intended.

Angelcare nappy bin

About Us

Having our kids has enabled us to better understand how expensive it can be raising a family. We aim to find opportunities for other families to reduce some of the costs of running a household. 

* Pricing Comparison Disclaimer – Prices accurate as of 27th August 2019. Price comparison was against lowest prices researched online (including shipping).