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PooTube Activated Bamboo Charcoal Odour Neutraliser:

– Biodegradable Product

– Chemical Free

– Hypo-Allgergenic & Unscented

– 100% Natural

– 100% Bamboo

– Pouch lasts up to 12 months

– Absorbs household odours, moisture and chemicals.

About bamboo charcoal:

Bamboo is treasured for its healing powers, beauty and versatility. A special heating process creates bamboo charcoal with billions of porous pockets and powerful ability to absorb odours, moisture and chemicals from the surrounding environment.
Use in high traffic areas where there are strong household smells.
The pouch lasts up to 12 months, works in areas up to 3 x 3m.

Instructions for use:

Remove your Odour Neutraliser from its wrapper and place it uncovered near or inside your nappy bin (on the side).

For the best smell protection, hang the Odour Neutraliser from the inside of the bin lid before you close the bin like the photos below:

To Re-Activate:

Once a fortnight, place your Odour Neutraliser in direct sunlight for one hours per side and it will last all year. You can then mix the bamboo charcoal into your garden soil to nurture your plants.

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